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Serving the Lehigh Valley for over 40 years

At Coughlin's TV, we have a large selection of high-quality Sony televisions to choose from. Whether you just require something small to watch in the kitchen while cooking or eating dinner or a big screen television to be the centerpiece of your living room, we've got all the options available at our location.

Coughlin's TV has a large selection of Sony televisions to ensure you always get a spectacular picture every time and a television that will last your family for years.

We are an authorized dealer of Sony televisions and can show you the benefits of their products.

Home Automation Installation is used to simplify and enhance your lifestyle by developing customized home systems that contribute to the comfort, convenience and luxury of your home. Control your lighting, climate, music, and network all from one easy-to-use smart device. Carry your smart device with you on errands or vacation and still have the ability to control your entire home. Your home automation system is there for you when you aren’t.

We would love to help set up your smart home.

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